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We saw Solarwinds provides good free tools, and tried to test a Solarwinds Netflow Configurator, but never chance.

Today, we installed it as fly and then..... We got below alers while we were trying to test Netflow Configurator with Cisco 7200 with Version 12.2(13)T16.

"The specified credentials do not have both read and write permission on the device. You must specify credentials with read-write access."




Okay, it was missed configuration on SNMP community permission. After fixed it. I got another alert below. Dang!

"The device you specified does not allow the configuring of NetFlow support, ports, ingress and egress interfaces through SNMP."




We know Cisco7200 is supporting NetFlow. After researching Internet for the reason, finally, we got below information from piece of docuent from Solarwinds.


"NetFlow Configurator uses SNMP to change the running config of the NetFlow-capable device. If your device cannot be updated using SNMP, or it does not support the OID, then NetFlow Configurator cannot update the NetFlow configuration of the device.


The following Cisco IOS versions support the configuration of NetFlow using SNMP:


12.4(10) or later
12.4(10)T or later
12.2S or later

So, you need to verify you have right IOS version to run this free tool before wasting you time. 
Now what, setup NetFlow in manual. (End up we will upgrade Cisco IOS)


Last Updated (Wednesday, 25 November 2009 16:28)

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