Have you ever thought about your website value? There are sites out there interent. One I found today iscalled $stimator.com. Not sure it is really acurate or not. But it makes me happy with output of calculating one of my web blogs. 

 Stimator start page picture

Here is output of cisconet.com's value below


 Stimate website output for cisconet.com


Doesn't matter how much the result is realistic or accurate, it is just interesting to see the value.

Have fun!


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What is a command for showing BGP table? "Show ip BGP", that's right. Visit www.showipbgp.com to see a lot of sample BGP configurations and constantly updating time to time. The site provides nothing but BGP information. Thinking about hiring consultant? It won't be cheap. The site also provides dynamips files that allow you to play and simulate BGP scenarios before applying production network. 
I believe that the below topologies will cover most of BGP configurations you need in the field. If you need a configuration for more specific topology, please send email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click below samples


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Backdoor only makes the IGP learned route the preferred route. To specify a backdoor route toWhat backdoor command does - Picture a BGP border router that will provide better information about the network, use the network backdoor router configuration command. To remove an address from the list, use the no form of this command.
By definition, eBGP updates have a distance of 20 that is lower than the IGP distances. Default distance is 120 for RIP, 100 for IGRP, 90 for EIGRP, and 110 for OSPF. By default, BGP has the following distances, but that could be changed by the distance command

It will change the distance of an eBGP route to 200

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Do you have routing issue or BGP problem? Looking for traffic shaping on BGP peers? You might visit www.showipbgp.com site. There are many BGP sample configurations and troubleshooting tips. The site privodes dynamips files of each examples. Dynamips is a great Cisco emulator software as free. If you need experts, you can try their special service that is called BGP Experts Service.
Try it now, you will like it. Especially, if you are sufferring on BGP issue.


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Here is handy BGP troubleshooting tip you might interesting.

BGP troubleshooting - Prepending AS, but not affected

I spoke to one of my customer.... He said he had changed BGP configuration last night. He wanted to make other ISP link as the best path, so he prepanding his AS 7 times(wow! that's a lot) on his secondary link. But traffic is still going thru secondary link. why?

He thought BGP will update new changes in sometime soon. He didn't reset BGP session, b/c he was scare to see BGP would bouncing.

I guess he didn't know the command "Clear IP BGP [Neighbor IP] Soft out".

Also, he was not aware that existing route which is being announced won't be trigged BGP update. See example below.


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BGP(Border Gateway Protocol) is a global routing protocol which is commonly used between BGPlay logodomains, well-known example is Internet. BGP troubleshooting is one of hassel for network administrator. Not only difficulty level, but also hard to collect information of output. Especially BGP with ISP links. You can open a ticket and ask some information, but they won't give you details due to confidential information(?). You can use public routeservers or looking glass, but it doesn't give you what has been changed on Internet. If your BGP link to ISP is fine, but you got below complaints from users

  • Throughput is getting slow.
  • VPN link drops
  • Slow browsing experience
  • Application performance drops

What was going on??? Calling ISP, but most of time they pinpoint customer side or other side user(destination). I discovered this tool few years ago, and I used this tool, iBGPlay, for global BGP route path reviewing.

BGP troubleshooting - watch Tutorial Video icon

Last Updated (Friday, 22 May 2009 17:49)

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