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Updated Winter 2015
ATT Route Server (AS7018) New York, USAAT&T
ATT Canada - East (AS15290) Toronto, CanadaAT&T East
Telus - East Coast (AS852) Toronto, CanadaTelus East
ATT Canada - East (AS15290) Toronto, CanadaAT&T West
AS 6539GT Group Telecom
BBN PlanetBBN Planet NER route monitor (AS1) MA, USA, AS13645,
NLayer, AS13645, FLNlayer
Zebra Route Views on Sprint Network, AS1239, VASprint(Zebra)
Telus - West Coast (AS852) Alberto, CanadaTelus-West
Utah Reginal Ex, AS 210Utah Reginal Ex
Time Warner Telecom, AS4323, Denver, Co. AS 210Time Warner
Global Crossing (AS3549) SunnyVale, CA, USAGBLX
CerfNet Route Server (AS1838) Sandiego, CA, USACerfNet

route server Switch Communications (AS23005) Las Vegas, NVSwitch Comm

ExodusExodus Communications USA (AS3967) Santa Clara, CA, USA Route Server Eugn, OR, USAOregon
Hurricane Electric's network
Wiltel IP Route Monitor, AS7911Wiltel

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Route Server List

Country City Provider ASN
Australia/Chatswood Optus Australia 7474
Brazil/Sao Paulo PTT-Metro Sao Paulo 22548
Brazil/Sao Paulo Terremark Internet Exchange Sao Paulo 1251
Canada/Vancouver GT Group Telecom (West) 6539
Canada GT Group Telecom (East) 6539
Canada/Burnaby 852
Canada Telus - Western Canada 852
Canada/Toronto Allstream - Central 15290
Canada/Montreal Allstream - East 15290
Canada/Vancouver Allstream - West 15290
Canada/Halifax Eastlink 11260
Germany/Hamburg Broadnet Mediascape Communications AG 9132
France OpenTransit 5511
Finland Eunet Finland 6667
Germany Tiscali 3257
Germany/Stuttgart BelWue 553
Japan Oregon Route Views Project 2500
Mexico Rio Grande do Sul Internet Exchange 1916
Netherlands Zebra Route Views on  Swift Global 21280
Philippines Bayan Telecom Inc. 6648
Philippines Manila Internet Exchange 9670
Romania Astral Telecom 6746
Switzerland Swisscom IP Plus 3303
South Africa South African Internet Exchange - SAIX 5713
South Africa/Mauritius Internet Solutions 3741
Switzerland Sunrise Switzerland 6730
USA/Denver Time Warner Telecom 4323
USA/Ashburn Nlayer 4436
USA/Boca Raton, FL 13645
USA/Santa Clara Savvis 3561
USA/Sunnyvale Global Crossing 3549
USA/Oregon University of Oregon Route Views Project 6447
USA/Ashburn, VA Zebra Route Views on Sprint Network 1239
USA/CA Zebra Route Views on 3557
USA/Fremont,  CA Hurricane Electric 6939
USA/New York AT&T 7018
USA/Las Vergas Switch Communications 23005
USA/SanDiego CERFnet 1838
USA/Broomfield, CO Wiltel 7911
UK Colt Internet 8220
UK Oregon Route Views with Verizon UK 5459
UK Global Crossing - Europe 3549
UK Energis / Planet Online 5388
UK/London MainzKom Telekommunikation GmbH 15837

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