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What is SONET & SDH?

SONET and SDH are a set of related standards for synchronous data transmission over fiber optic networks. SONET stands for Synchronous Optical Network and SDH is short for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. SONET is the United States version of the standard published by the American National Standards Institutue (ANSI). SDH is the international version of the standard published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).



OC stands for Optical Carrier
stands for Synchronous Transport Signal

Optical Level
Electrical Level Line Rate
Payload Rate
SDH Equivalent
STS-1 51.84 50.112 1.728 -
OC-3 STS-3 155.52 150.336 5.184 STM-1
OC-12 STS-12 622.08 601.344 20.736 STM-4
OC-48 STS-48 2488.32 2405.376 82.944 STM-16
OC-192 STS-192 9953.28 9621.504 331.776 STM-64
OC-768 STS-768 39813.12 38486.016 1327.104 STM-256

What is Clear Channel or channelized?

Clear channel means the entire payload rate is available as a single channel of communications or flow of packet or cell.
The opposite of clear channel is "channelized". In a channelized link the payload rate is subdivided into multiple fixed rate channels.


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